Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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Caught in a paycheck to paycheck cycle. Learn how to save money and stop living check to check.

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What would happen if you lost your job today? What if you needed money for a medical emergency? Most people would be in trouble. Living paycheck to paycheck has become a way of life for most Americans. You do not have to live this way. Saving money is easy if you just follow a few simple steps.

List Your Expenses
If you do not know where your money is going, you are in big trouble. It is impossible to save until you write out your monthly expenses. Look at your past months bills to see where your money went. Chances are that you will find that you wasted much of your money on unneeded expenses. Did you really need to buy those movies for $20 each when you could have rented them for $5. How many days a week do you eat out? If you do not have receipts for all of your expenses, estimate what you spent.

Write a Budget
List your necessary monthly bills and budget a set amount for variable expenses like entertainment. Be sure to include savings into your budget. One or two hundred dollars a month will add up over time. If you have credit card debt, budget higher than your minimum payment. If you only pay the minimums, you will never get out of debt.

Set Goals
Set a series of savings goals. Make them realistic, do not make your first goal to save a million dollars. Set a goal to save $2000 dollars, then to save $5000, etc, etc. You will soon see that saving is addictive and you will enjoy watching your savings account grow.

Automate Your Savings
You cannot spend what you do not see. If your company offers it, have them deduct money from your check and put it into savings. If they offer a 401K program, take full advantage of their matching contribution.

Put Unexpected Money Into Savings
If you get a bonus from work, inherit money or make any unbudgeted cash, put it into savings. You don’t need it to pay your bills so put it up for a time when you do need it.

Put Away The Credit Cards
Pay cash for purchases. If you cannot afford to pay cash for something, do not buy it. Credit card fees will eat you alive. You could very well end up paying for that pizza for 5 years.

Know How Much Money You Have
Balance your checkbook daily. When you think you have more money in your account, you tend to spend more. Be careful with checkcard purchases. It is easy to forget to record them and they do not always show up on your online banking statement immediately.

By following the steps above anyone is capable of breaking the paycheck to paycheck routine. It doesn’t matter if you can save $500 a month or $50 a month. Eventually you will get there. All you need is a little patience and a bit of discipline.


Environmental Friendly Clothing Is Necessary for You

Today the world has become quick and everybody’s life is getting extremely rushed. Individuals all around the globe are returning to nuts and bolts and receiving the antiquated methods of living like yoga, devouring natural food and so forth In a similar way there has been an unrest in our method of sprucing up as well. Individuals are these days choosing garments comprised of natural material. Numerous originators are additionally selecting eco benevolent apparel these days.

The climate inviting dress is created of material like bamboo, hemp, natural cotton, natural fleece and so forth hemp apparel, bamboo garments and natural cotton attire is progressively turning into the best option of material both for men garments and ladies garments. Individuals who are attempting to carry on with a solid and characteristic way of life are the ones picking climate cordial attire. By settling on a decision and wearing garments made out of natural material we are additionally saving the planet and climate encompassing us. Climate agreeable dress is additionally accessible in assortment of plans and style that suit the need of the two men’s garments and ladies’ attire.

By picking to wear garments comprised of natural material you are keeping all the hurtful synthetics like urea, incandescent light, bromines, formaldehyde and so forth away from contacting your body. So by wearing hemp attire, bamboo dress and natural cotton garments, you are simply permitting just characteristic texture to approach your skin. As synthetics are utilized to develop non-natural material garments comprised of that material may cause some reason for sensitivities or skin malignant growth. Hemp garments, bamboo garments and natural cotton garments are ideal for little children. Hemp garments are comprised of fiber that is comprised of at last light weight. It is a solid and retentive material. This sort of natural attire helps in giving us alleviation from the bright beams. They are additionally shape safe.

Every one of these characteristics settle on them an ideal decision to wear outside. In addition to the fact that this is natural material comprised of such superb fiber that makes it so natural for them to be mixed with other sort of apparel material to make various types of articles of clothing for men, ladies and youngsters. There are any barely any development prerequisites for delivering these eco-accommodating natural apparel. Henceforth it’s more affordable and cost agreeable for ranchers just as for end buyers. Not just this it additionally requires less water for development. Assume if a youngster is wearing garments comprised of non-natural material and wets it then the destructive harmful synthetics may enter their skin through the interaction of assimilation. So it is fitting to purchase garments comprised of natural material. Aside from being useful for our skin garments comprised of natural material are entirely solid and endures long. Clothes as well as a wide range of stuff like towels, hanky, bed sheet, quilt and so on can be made out of natural material.

About certain years prior cotton developing was done in an eco-accommodating way however shockingly today numerous ranchers are effectively utilizing pesticides to develop cotton. The utilization of hurtful synthetic substances makes a danger us as well as to planet, creatures, soil and humanity. These synthetic compounds present threat to genuine sickness like malignant growth and so on natural dress is more affordable as well. In the event that you purchase cotton apparel, at that point soon after certain washes it begins breaking suffocate however this isn’t a case with natural material. By developing natural attire one is contributing towards maintainable cultivating and all the strategies of cultivating leave little carbon trail.

The main part is that the garments comprised of natural material are accessible at a lot less expensive rate. It is our duty to act responsible and deal with our kids just as planet. All the sorts of attire and dress material comprised of climate inviting natural material like hemp, bamboo, natural garments and so forth is generally bought by individuals of all the age gathering and can be handily bought from a store close by or additionally can be purchased from online stores. There are numerous climate inviting sites that give you extraordinary markdown on the off chance that you are buying natural apparel material to advance them. Look over any sort of dress that suits your style.





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Making money online is not as difficult as you might think, and certainly not as easy as some would try and have you believe.
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When I say it’s not as difficult as you might think, normal people just like you, with little or no technical experience are making lots of money online day in day out.

When I say its not as easy as some would have you believe, I mean that you can’t get rich overnight with little or no work or effort on your part.

Online money making is for most people a dream. And often an expensive one. Did you know that for every person making money online, many more will be losing it? I don’t mean losing money through online gambling, or the sort, but losing money because they bought into the making money online dream?


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Making Money Online – What Separates The Dream From Reality?
The answer? Firstly accepting that making money online is an ongoing process resulting from hard work, patience and knowledge of internet marketing.

If you look for other people to make you money online, by joining their scheme or plan, then sadly, this will be the truth you will have to face again and again: You’ll make them money (because they’ve put the work into building their online business – and know internet marketing – and are patient enough to see the results) whereas YOU will lose your hard earned cash lining someone else’s pocket.

How to get resell software?

Buy software one by one or join a membership club?

You can go to eBay or other sites to find resell software. The problem with this is that you are ending up getting many of the same products each time you are buying a product. You must also use much time looking around the web for new products to add to your site.

If you find yourself a serious membership site where you can download as much as you want for a small fee. You save the time looking for products yourself and can concentrate on selling and making a great site. This is what a good resell seller would do. He would let other find the products for him and concentrate himself on selling and marketing his site.

Who to trust?

There are many schemes out there and finding the right membership site for resell software are not easy. To help you we have tried several sites and we have a winner. The winning site is not the site with most products but this is the site that takes care of you and help you if you need it. The member service are excellent and if you are a “nice” member they will help you with free marketing of your site.

After joining and sending a couples of emails to the management of SoftwareLady, we where overwhelmed by the service of this site. We therefore decided to give them some extra point in this article. The site have about 200-300 products you can download. Most of the products comes with resell rights and others are for personal use and some you can use in your work. They have just started a forum for peoples dealing with resell products. There are not many post in this forum yet, but its a start.

The good thing about this site is that they add new products all the time, you will therefore always have access to new products. The second thing is that they always help you if they can. After joining them they gave us free submission to 20 search engines and added us to over 500 link directories. The admin of the site wrote in the email with this offer: “We are trying our best to get our members to succeed”. This is the feeling we have about this site.

If you are thinking about starting your own internet business with resell software – is a place to start


Shakira La Diva Latina

Shakira La Diva Latina

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526Kinder Zapopan

La cantante colombiana Shakira se ha destacado por meterse en el mundo de la música Internacional manteniendo su identidad y originalidad latina, oriental y única.


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Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll nació en 1977 en Colombia y desde los años 1990 en Latinoamérica, y desde los 2000 en los Estados Unidos se ha convertido en una gran figura de la música latina con estilo oriental que la destaca entre los demás artistas.

Ella es una exitosa cantante, escritora, instrumentalista, productora de discos y bailarina la cual ha logrado atraer los oídos y corazones de la millones de jóvenes y no tan jóvenes que disfrutan de su música original, creativa y rebelde.

Sus líricos son originales ya que escribe poesías inusuales en las cuales incluye frases como:”Tu mordiste la manzana y renunciaste al paraíso, y condenaste a una serpiente, siendo tu el que así lo quiso.”

Logra producir rimas de una forma única que solo ella conoce y a su vez en sus versiones en ingles que comenzó en el 2001, logro adaptar su propio estilo sin problema de idioma.

Su primer disco en ingles se llama “Laundry Service” (Servicio de Lavanderia) convirtiéndose en un hit impresionante con el cual gano la mayoría de sus 10 Grammys ganados hasta ahora. Las canciones mas conocidas de aquel disco don “Underneath Your Clothes” (debajo de tu ropa) y “Whenever, Wherever” (Suerte) fueron los mas populares. Su música incluye tiene un estilo de Pop con Oriental, Tango, Latino y otros nuevos ritmos originales.

Fijación Oral Vol 1 and 2, fue su siguiente álbum que saco con Alejandro Sanz la canción “Tortura”, con Wyclef Jean “Hips don’t Lie” y luego con Vellones “Beautiful Lie” otro gran éxito.

Shakira tiene un origen descendiente catalán-Italiano mezclado con católico Libanés, la cual la caracteriza por tener un estilo oriental, latino que ha logrado obtener a lo largo de su popularidad que la diferencia de cualquier otro artista.

Shakira escribió su primer poema llamado “La Rosa de Cristal” a los cuatro años y siguió escribiendo poemas que luego se convirtieron en canciones. A la edad de 8 cuando su hermano fue matado en un accidente de motocicleta Shakira escribió su primera canción llamada “Tus Gafas Oscuras”.

Su personalidad por su puesto es expresada en sus líricos y poemas, así es como también políticamente mantiene opiniones bastante polémicas como comentarios “anti-israelíes” salidos en alguna entrevista en la radio resaltando su origen libanés frente al conflicto en medio oriente.

Tu actual novio, futuro marido es Antonio de La Rua, hijo del previo Presidente de la Republica Argentina, quien no es exactamente querido por la población Argentina. A pesar de sus decisiones personales, su éxito como cantante y bailarina sigue siendo un hit y aplaudido por Sudamérica, Estados Unidos, España y demás países.

Su estilo puede ser comparado al de Alanis Morisette, pero con una sensualidad y habilidad de bailar Belly Dance, que la destaca de las demás cantantes. Lo que la ha ayudado a despegar en el mundo Internacional fue cuando saco su disco MTV Unplugged, “Donde Están los Ladrones” en 1999 el cual llego a las casas de millones de jóvenes en Estados Unidos e Europa.


neco token 2019

The general public is adequately innovative to create numerous methods of betting. Gambling clubs in Las Vegas are wealthy throughout everyday life, particularly during evening. From the famous gaming machines to games like poker, dark jack, roulette, and dice games, club become the head spot for betting. Pony and canine hustling destinations are additionally puts where individuals can put down wagers on. Lotteries, then again, are betting organizations where individuals win by stamping out their ideal numbers and having similar numbers drawn later on (the quantity of decisions individuals will check will rely upon the lottery they are joining). neco token 2019

Individuals play for an assortment of reasons also. A few people are trusting they could improve their current condition by winning the lottery. Others are day by day clients of various sorts of betting games. There are additionally various individuals who think about these games as their type of vocation. In any case, regardless of whether an individual is not kidding about bringing in cash out of betting, as on account of “proficient” poker players, or simply wagering cash for some sporting betting, this action can turn into an exciting, remunerating experience to the individuals who realize how to control their betting conduct.

Perhaps the most famous sorts of betting is the scratch-off card. It is genuinely straightforward too. All that an individual needs to do is to purchase a card from an enrolled scratch card vender, utilize a coin or whatever other article that could eliminate the overlay on specific pieces of the card. After clearing the card, the data under uncovers whether the individual won something.

Scratch cards are getting progressively well known in a larger part of the states, also Las Vegas where betting is authorized. In view of the effortlessness of the interaction, the accessibility of scratch-off cards, and the moment rewards that may be revealed two or three scratches, this game can become compelling to individuals who experienced winning in scratchers previously.

Furthermore, the scratch-off cards’ ubiquity can presumably be ascribed to the far and wide advertising and the comfort of participating in scratchers. Since these cards can be bought from lottery presents on odds and ends shops, service stations, and even in some supermarkets, more individuals will purchase the cards after they are finished topping off their fuel tank or purchasing seven days’ inventory of goods.

Contrasted with alternate methods of betting, as in the Super Lottery or Mega Millions, and even in the less populated betting games like Pick 3, the chances of winning scratch cards is high contrasted with the speculation being made (with cards selling for as modest as a dollar). The likelihood of dominating in this match is twofold – or even triple – the odds of dominating in betting matches with a multi-million dollar pot cash.

In any case, since betting actually implies wagering cash with unsure consequences of one or the other winning or losing, there truly is no “protected” betting game. Individuals actually will manage the danger of losing their cash. In any case, their smartest option is the appropriate conduct towards betting even in apparently innocuous games like scratchers.


The Need for Social Marketing in 2013

The past year was an eye-opener in many ways for the entire IT industry. It saw Dell’s fall from grace, the transformation of BlackBerry phones to pariah devices, Apple lost Steve Jobs but its iPhone 5 emerged as the leading mobility device of 2012 and so much more. But the much-hyped news which turned out to be a dud was the launch of Facebook, the social media site, on the NASDAQ. Within months the shares of Facebook are trading at less than its IPO price and its earning statements, which were recently made public did not help matters. In face of criticism regarding the way Facebook places advertisement on its pages and the questionable ability of such PPC campaigns to target specific user groups, 843realtor Social Marketing lost some of it sheen in 2012. In fact many software development companies opted to go the way of placing Google PPC advertisements instead in order to enhance web traffic and engage a wider group of potential clientele. The key reasons why many companies pursue Social Marketing are as follows:

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Through social marketing most companies in a variety of industries from software development to automobiles seek to establish closer customer relationships. In this case, Social Marketing provides companies with an instantaneous and low cost method to connect and build stronger ties with chosen customer groups by providing special discounts, limited period offers etc.

Enhancing Brand Preference and Brand Awareness

In case of existing client groups, this form of marketing can play a key role in enhancing the preference for the advertised brand. This helps increase repeat customers and improves the brand image as well as bottom line for the company. Additionally, this system of marketing can also enhance brand awareness among targeted user groups to improve overall visibility of a product/service, by improving and establishing interaction between various customer groups.

Improvement of Information-Sharing among Stakeholders

An additional benefit is this format’s ability to facilitate an improvement among various stakeholders of the company. These stakeholders include customers, suppliers or partners even if the company is an offshore software developer or engaged in providing Quality Assurance services. This form of marketing allows such stakeholders to instantly convey their changing requirements to the company almost instantaneously. This improvement in communication would help companies adapt faster to their business environment and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Increased Revenues through New Customers

This form of marketing can act as a key method for acquiring new customers as well as breaking into new niches. Additionally, the improvements in information sharing with key organizational stakeholders can also play a key role in devising new products as well as driving innovation in organizations to improve overall market position even if the company operates in the field of Java application development or mobile apps development.

These are key reasons for companies to invest in social marketing, however, questions regarding the capability of existing social media sites to actually deliver these benefits so that the company enhances its bottom line has come under fire in 2012.

The Future of Social Marketing

Any illusions that social marketing initiates by themselves can propel a company forward have been dispelled in recent years. In 2013, we can look forward to the integration of social marketing within the scope of additional marketing initiates such as PPC advertising, television advertising etc. Like any other trend, this emerging marketing is expected to evolve and its incorporation into other marketing initiatives commonly undertaken by organizations to acquire new customers, extend its reach and foray into new markets.

In the coming years we can also look forward towards increased use of various social media optimization techniques to help companies focus such marketing efforts and target their desired market segments to maximize benefits. The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and related mobility devices are also expected to result in mobile apps development, which are targeted at improving social marketing initiatives of various companies specially those operating in the SME segment.

Abhishek is currently working with eXtendCode Software Systems India, an software development company based at Gurgaon in India, which provides software solutions such as Web Application Development, Database Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions and Mobile Apps Development etc. He has worked in the field for over 2 years and authored many articles related to the IT and software industries.


Safety in 30 Days, Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Safety in 30 Days, Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

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Personal Protective Equipment can play a role in a small business safety program. The safety program can lead to cost savings for the small business.

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Safety in 30 Days, Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

There are ways that employers should identify and assess risks with a view to preventing and reducing them. There should be a hierarchy of prevention and control measures – starting with prevention of the risk, and if this is not possible, technical/engineering controls, safe systems of work and information or training should be used instead. Personal protective equipment should only be used as a last resort.
Unfortunately, some employers encourage workers to use personal protective equipment without ever considering the introduction of prevention and control measures that could eliminate the use of personal protective equipment. This leads to a number of problems:

Personal protective equipment protects only the person wearing it, whereas measures controlling the risk at source can protect everyone at the workplace
Theoretical maximum levels of protection are seldom achieved with personal protective equipment in practice and the actual level of protection is difficult to assess
Protection is often ineffective because the personal protective equipment is not suitable, incorrectly fitted, not properly maintained, and may be used improperly
Personal protective equipment may restrict the wearer by limiting mobility or visibility, or by requiring additional weight to be carried. As well as the health and safety problems that this may cause, it can also lead to a ‘blame the worker’ culture when the personal protective equipment is discarded because of the discomfort that it can cause
Using personal protective equipment in a hot climate can be very uncomfortable for the worker. For example, using a full-face mask and body protection in full sunshine during the hot season can be almost impossible. It can result in dehydration, headaches and even fainting

Different types of personal protective equipment include:
helmet or head-protector
hearing protectors such as ear-plugs or ear-muffs
eye-protectors such as goggles and face shields
breathing masks with different types of filters
gloves of different material
safety footwear
protective aprons, overalls or clothing
wet weather protective clothing
safety belts and life-lines

Hazards even where technical or engineering controls, safe systems of work and other techniques have been applied, it is possible that some hazards might remain. These hazards may lead to injuries to the:
lungs, for example, from breathing in contaminated air
head and feet, for example, from falling materials
eyes, for example, from flying particles or splashes of corrosive liquids
ears and hearing from noise
skin, for example, from contact with corrosive materials
body, for example, from extremes of heat or cold

Sometimes, personal protective equipment is needed in these cases to reduce the risks, but only to supplement the other risk control measures already put in place.


Rank High in Google with SEO Authority

Rank High in Google with SEO Authority

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Search Engine Optimization techniques have changed recently because Google has made a change in their algorithm. The new emphasis is websites with “Authority.” There are three, very powerful and totally free methods to get Authority for your website.

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The new word in Search Engine Optimization is “Authority.” Google has been making a shift in their algorithm over the last two years. Now they are emphasizing websites with Authority. What this means is that a web site is given Authority from other web sites and from Google itself. There are 3 ways to get Authority.

1. Web 2.0

Everyone knows about the Web 2.0 explosion. Socially oriented networking web sites (My Space, Facebook, etc), You Tube for video, blogging and social bookmarking web sites. Using these types of web sites is the newest way to increase the Authority Google gives to your website.

2. Links

One huge determining factor in Google page rank is the number of links from web sites with high Google page ranks. When these links are one way inbound links they give your website authority. This is a powerful statement that says your website is high quality and good enough for them to link to you. Link exchange can be useful as long as you are exchanging with websites that have high ranks with Google. The more, quality links your website has, the higher you page rank will become..

3. Content

Targeted content is essential. Know what your target market is looking for and provide the solution with your targeted key words and key word phrases. Your web site should consist of minimum 250 words of content that is continually being updated. Google will see your web site as a fresh resource for the keywords you are targeting. This will give you upper hand over many websites that allow their information to become irrelevant because they don’t update on a regular basis. This will give your website Authority in the eyes of Google.


Printing Your Own Stickers As Easy As 1-2-3

Printing Your Own Stickers As Easy As 1-2-3

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The digital technology has introduced innovative ideas on printing that has made printing into a pleasurable and enjoyable endeavor.

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The digital technology has introduced innovative ideas on printing that has made printing into a pleasurable and enjoyable endeavor. Take for example stickers-stickers are very easy to create especially with the use of Adobe Photoshop. Sticker making has been made so easy that even kids can now create their own stickers. With the use of the shape tools in Adobe Photoshop various sticker projects have become affordable and easy.

The step by step procedure in creating sticker is so easy to follow since the Adobe Photoshop is a user friendly software. The first step in creating your own sticker is to open up the work area in the Adobe Photoshop Elements. This is where you may choose the foreground color that you want your chosen shape to be colored. The chosen color will then appear at the bottom of the Tool Box. After which, you may choose the shape that you want from the Tool Box.

Then try to direct your attention on the Option Bar and then click on the custom shape picker to choose the shape you want. And then open a new document with a preset size of 2×3 at a 300 dpi resolution. Click on the mouse to get hold of your chosen shape and then make use of the shift key down in order to come up either with other shapes or simply make your chosen shape proportional. And if ever you want to add your photo simply open up your digital photo by applying quick fix to help you in adjusting your photo.

In case your chosen photo requires a little lighting, the Photoshop Elements has quick fix feature that will enable you to make certain adjustments in terms of the brightness and contrast you want your photo to have. After you have chosen the brightness and the contrast you may simply click OK. Now, if ever you still want to reveal or to show the hidden detail in dark shadow areas you may use the Dodge tool which is also found right in the Tool Box.

The next thing to do is to cleanup your subject and to do this you have to use the Crop tool in order to reduce the size of your chosen photo. Make use of the eraser tool to clean up or to remove the large areas surrounding your subject in the photo. But be sure to highlight first the areas that you want to delete. To do this you have to use Magic Wand tool-this tool would help you to remove selected colored areas in your photo. Or you may also use Magnetic Lasso which is a great tool for removing unwanted details.

Then after you have finished editing your photo you may now use the Magic Wand to highlight the background around the image. And afterwards you go to layer and then inverse. Make use of the Move tool to drag over the cut out image and then to position it on the shape you previously chosen.

To print your sticker you may click on the file and then print layouts and then picture package. This printing procedure is best especially for various layouts of one multiple images on a page. The next thing to do is to insert a page of removable labels upside-down in the printer and then print away.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit Stickers Printing Services


If you focus on your Mailing List and your Product, you’ll make more

If you focus on your Mailing List and your Product, you’ll make more progress faster than someone  who tries to  do many things at the same time.

Done well, your mailing list will bring you tons of qualified traffic and your products will put cash in your bank account. First, let’s look at your Mailing List.

1. Your Mailing List
Your Mailing List or simply List or Contacts or Audience or Subscribers is one of your most important assets online. From your list you’ll get your first customers.

You build your INITIAL list by reaching out to all the people you know, e.g., classmates, co-workers, colleagues, associates, ex-classmates ex-colleagues, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and complete strangers.

Reach them through calls, text messages, emails, one-on-one, and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The most effective way to reach them as you’re starting out will be one-on-one at the malls, Churches, Mosques, conferences and other events.

Without trying to be too prescriptive, just start with small talk. Ask them how life is with them, what they’re doing now, and also share what you’re doing yourself.

For complete strangers, you can break the ice by asking what they do for a living. You can also ask about their other interests and whether they are visitors or whether they live around the area you met them.

Keep the relationship and conversation ongoing and warm to build rapport. In the process ask for their phone number and/or email address and start sending them relevant information based on their areas of interest.

You need between 100 and 250 names for a start. According to Joe Girard, the author of How to Sell Anything to Anybody, everyone on this planet knows at least 250 other people.

As your list becomes bigger, you will need a Contact Management System (CMS), or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.

A CMS will make managing your list easier and will be indispensable in the analysis of the performance of your customers in areas such as mail opening, click through, and Lifetime Value, to mention three.

There are many CMS out there, ranging from very sophisticated and expensive ones such as Keap (formerly Infusion Soft), Click Funnels, Ontraport, Kajabi, and Drip to relatively affordable ones such as Vonza, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and MailChimp, to mention a few.

Each of the CMS have their advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons, but as a beginner, I’d recommend you go for MailChimp.

MailChimp is unpretentious, easy to use and above all, allows you a FREE PLAN of up to 2000 subscribers.

You need a free plan when you’ve not started making money.

However, having said that, you don’t even need a CMS at the beginning. All you need is Microsoft Excel Sheet to store your audience’s contact information, the key of which is the email address..

To manage your list and continue reaching out to more potential customers to grow your traffic, you also need your smart phone, WhatsApp and other Social Media accounts, particularly Facebook.

To establish your credibility and gravitas, build strong relationships and rapport, let your contacts know what you’ve accomplished.

Have you for instance written a book or books? Brag and talk about them. That is where your Products come in.

Let’s look at your Product next.

2. Your Product

Your Product is also one of your most important assets online.

Your Product and Mailing List are the two sides of the same coin: Your Online Business.

Your Product can be in the form of a book, an eBook, a Guide, an article, a Checklist, a Cheat-sheet, an App, a Code, or a Training Course.

Courses are popular Online because they are easy to sell digitally in the form of PDF, MP4, and MP3 and at ridiculously high margins.

People are always looking for ways to improve their lives so Courses come in very handy.

As a beginner all you need is a good Product in the form of a Course.

Though a Course can be Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, as a beginner, you’ll go a Basic (Entry-Level) Course.

An Entry-level Course is something that is low-priced but solves an immediate problem for your target audience.


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