Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

Many people who are familiar with Feng Shui understand that the Five elements/phases/cycles play an important part in Feng Shui analysis. Those five elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The five elements can be used to enhance certain energies or prevent some from being activated within the living space. Methods such as the flying stars, annual stars, annual afflictions and eight mansions utilizes the five element theory. In Chinese Astrology, the five element theory also serve as a basis for analyzing a Four Pillars chart (sometimes called BaZi). Before we get into the bread and butter of the Four Pillars, it is important to understand what the Four Pillars is and how it relates to Feng Shui.

The Four Pillars includes the Year, Month, Day and Hour, therefore, each of them are considered a pillar. It also has a heavenly stem and an earthly branch, therefore, it is composed of eight characters, and hence the Chinese name Bazi or Eight Characters. The heavenly stem in a Four Pillars birth chart can be composed of any of the ten stems: Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin Water. On the other hand, the earthly stem includes: Rat, Ox,  bazinga  Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each of the animals consists of one or more hidden elements. Many of you are perhaps familiar with the animals since it is well known that the Chinese ring in their new year with many predictions, books and articles about what to expect in the specific animal year. For example, 2010 is the year of the Tiger. Whenever you undergo a Four Pillars reading, the consultant should present you with a summary of your luck cycle and perhaps the annual stars since the cycles can sometimes cause major changes in your life from good to bad and vice versa.

So how does the Four Pillars relate to Feng Shui consultations? It is important for the practitioner to first determine the favorable and unfavorable elements of your birth chart. Each of the elements are related to a specific direction in Feng Shui and the same goes with the Four Pillars. To maintain a simple approach, fire is to the South, water is to the North, metal is to the West and Northwest, wood is to the East and Southeast, earth is to the Southwest and Northeast. The elements and animals are also seasonal. The Spring is composed of the Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon; in the Summer, there are the Snake, Horse and Goat; for autumn, it includes the Monkey, Rooster and Dog; and finally, in the Winter, the Pig, Rat and Ox.

To quickly sum up the five element theory, each element produces, controls, or reduces an element. For example, water produces wood, wood produces fire, fire produces earth, earth produces metal, and metal produces water. While water produces wood, wood itself reduces water; the same goes for fire reducing wood and so forth. On the other hand, water controls fire, fire controls metal, metal controls wood, wood controls earth, and earth controls water.

In a directional point of view, if the bread winner of the household has a four pillars chart which likes metal, it would be preferable that the person bought a house facing West since West has metal energy. In addition, sleeping with the head pointed towards the West is also beneficial. White colors and round objects are also related to metal, therefore, using colors and shapes can also affect one’s attitude and life. Some people may find that they are overwhelmed with a certain element. For example, one may have an overabundance of water in their chart; it is better for this person to avoid North, since water is to the North, and Northwest and West should also be avoided since metal produces more water. Using East and Southeast can serve as a remedy since they are the direction of wood and wood reduces water.

The use of the Four Pillars can help determine where one can thrive on our planet. If a person asks about their career and wants to know which countries they would be suitable to work in, determining the favorable elements can help a practitioner solve this problem. A person who is favorable with wood can head East; East Asia, Eastern United States, East of Australia, and so forth since those regions are favorable to those who needs wood or thrive utilizing wood.

Shapes can be used as part of the remedy. For example, fire is a triangular shape, earth is considered a square, metal is round, water is a wave-like pattern, and wood is rectangular. These shapes can be applied in the living space if one is in need of water. There are businesses and websites that use shapes and colors that are in favor of the owner of the company. It is very apparent in Hong Kong as many restaurants would use certain colors, shapes and patterns to decorate their restaurants aside from figurines and statues.

The practitioner can also present you with remedies in terms of how you can minimize the impact of an upcoming problem experienced from the luck cycle or annual stars. For those who may anticipate health problems seen in the luck cycle, a practitioner can place their bedroom in the Tien Yi position by using the Eight Mansions theory in Feng Shui. They can also place their bedroom in the number Eight sitting star by using the Flying Stars method.

As you can see, there are many methods in Feng Shui that can be applied after doing a precise reading for a client using the Four Pillars. After a professional Feng Shui practitioner with the proper training and experience determines your most favorable and unfavorable elements, the practitioner would be able to come up with solutions to enhance a part of your life such as career, wealth, health and/or relationship.

Read more about Jerry King, please go to White Dragon Consulting. Jerry received private BaZi/Four Pillars of Destiny and I Ching training from Dr. Lily Chung in San Francisco, a world renowned expert in Eastern Metaphysics specializing in Four Pillars and the I Ching. Jerry is considered as one of Lily’s top students. He provides private Feng Shui and Four Pillars training in both English and Chinese. He is currently translating Chinese Four Pillars literature and writing a book on the Four Pillars of Destiny in English. Jerry is also researching on how cosmic flow in the Four Pillars affect one’s health. He is based in Vancouver Canada.

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