Executive Busses and High Speed Trains

For the past 80 years the US has come to rely on personal vehicles as the primary and in many areas only mode of transportation. For long journeys across the USA the chosen mode of transport is by plane.

However in the last 2 years the increasing costs of both gasoline and aviation fuel have made the costs of both driving in private vehicles and flying increasingly costly options, this at a time when the US economy is not in a good condition.

Americans have already started to respond by buying more fuel efficient vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Now is the time to consider alternative modes of public Alphafysiotherapie Rivierenland and private mass transportation.

I have identified two options which I believe will become increasingly attractive to Americans both in terms of cost and convenience, these are:

1. Executive Bus Lines

2. High Speed Trains

In the first case Executive Bus Lines, it is time for Americans to stop considering the bus as a second class form of transportation. On a trip to South Korea I have seen how a business class bus line can work.

The trick is to establish high quality bus terminals and buses that will be attractive for people to travel on. Thought also has to be given to attracting franchises to provide quality eating establishments in the terminals and even on the buses themselves. Rental car companies also need to be attracted to establish themselves in these terminals. This is an important component for business travelers.

The second option is high speed trains between major US cities. The reason Americans take so many domestic flights every year is because they like to get to their destination quickly. When considering a two hour flight however a high speed train would make an attractive alternative.

Although even a high speed train is not as fast as flying, on a flight of two hours less the door to door travel time is lower. Why? Because there is no time waiting for a slot to take off and land and no time for the customer waiting to collect his/her bags at the end of the journey.

France and Japan have both had many years developing their high speed rail networks and have shown they can work. Another advantage of high speed rail networks is that if you have electrified overhead lines, the trains are not using precious diesel fuel.

In a world of increasing prices for petroleum based products both executive bus lines and high speed trains make sense. Additionally if like me, you are worried about global warming think of the reduction in CO2 emissions you can make.

So what can you do? Start putting pressure on your local and national representatives to start exploring these alternatives through petitions letters or e-mail campaigns. If you have the money consider investing in executive bus lines because believe me in today’s world it will be a solid investment.

Best regards, Simon

I am a husband and father and concerned about the global environment that my son will inherit. I believe the greenhouse effect is real and we need to act together and act now in order to have any chance of averting an environmental disaster.

My philosophy in conservation is that if as individuals we all do our part in reducing energy consumption we can make a big difference. The best part about it is that we can all save ourselves significant amounts of money in reduced fuel costs. This is a grass roots approach so we need as many people as possible to start saving energy if we want to make an impact.


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