Is Chris Weidman Vs Anderson Silva 3 A Good Idea?

Should Anderson Silva be able to defeat Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in January, should Silva be looking at seeking a 3rd fight with the UFC’s current middleweight champ Chris Weidman? There’s already been some talk in the air from both Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Silva saying that he is indeed looking forward to a 3rd fight with Chris, and Weidman stating that a 3rd fight with Anderson would be an “easy payday”. Whoa.

According to the UFC website, 町田 ダンススクール Anderson Silva is the number one ranked middleweight, even though he has not won a fight since October of 2012, even after losing twice to Weidman in 2013, and not fighting for the entire year of 2014. If the UFC still considers him to be the number one contender after all this, it’s not farfetched to see a 3rd fight take place, although mixed martial arts fans probably wouldn’t agree.

The two victories over Silva were each controversial and unfortunately, not decisive enough for many fight fans. At UFC 162, many people say Silva’s excessive clowning cost him the belt, and not so much Weidman’s offense. At UFC 168, Silva suffered a broken leg while throwing a hard leg kick that Weidman checked. Although Weidman used a legal move, a defensive leg check, it was sort of seen as a freak accident rather than a definitive victory.

Whether we think both victories were controversial or not, they still equal two back to back victories for Chris Weidman, over the long-standing former middleweight champ Anderson Silva. No fighter prior to Weidman inside the UFC can make that claim.

For the many Silva fans around the world, maybe it’s time for them to face the fact that Anderson’s shelf life as a fighter may have already expired. No fighter can reign forever, they all eventually fall. Look at BJ Penn’s last fight against Frankie Edgar, Randy Couture’s last fight against Lyoto Machida, Chuck Liddell’s last fight against Rich Franklin, and the list goes on and on. Silva, although having an impeccable record in the UFC, has suffered losses in his pre-UFC career. The man is vulnerable just like anyone else. There is always an expiration date, it’s just that no one knows when it’s coming. No one saw Silva’s coming, but now we should realize that maybe it’s really here. The man has had a brilliant mixed martial arts career, with a highlight reel that many fighters can only dream of. Silva has nothing left to prove. Older fighters move out, and younger fighters move in. It’s the cycle of life, only in the UFC. Weidman is a part of that new generation that will keep mixed martial arts fresh and exciting.

At almost age 40 with such a damaging leg injury, is a 3rd fight with Weidman a good idea for Silva? Or is it too risky a move? Only time will tell, starting with UFC 183.

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