5 Deadly Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

It is not just beginners who are prone to making mistakes in affiliate marketing; the experienced souls, too, sometimes fall prey to their wrong decisions and ruin their progress. Here are five deadly mistakes you should religiously study so you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Preparing Someone Else’s List

How can you create someone else’s list at your own cost? Well, this is what exactly you do when you send clients directly to your merchant’s main website without recording their information. What you should do is create a squeeze page where you can record information of every client whom you direct to the seller’s website. By doing so, you’re building a list for yourselves for selling any number of products in future. Remember, the dollars are hidden in the list!

Mistake #2: Not Keeping In Touch With The Prospects

How can you let go of people who bring you money? You MUST follow up with your contacts. After all, you have spent your precious time and put in effort in finding quality clients for your affiliate marketing site. You cannot put a full stop just like that. A few smart ideas to follow up are posting newsletters, articles, free reports, or valuable and updated information on products to your prospects. But, remember, there’s a difference between stalking your prospect and keeping in touch with them!

Mistake #3: “Pushing” Sales On Prospects

So, you want to make your sale at gunpoint, eh? This is affiliate marketing guys, not some mafia playing extortion games! Face it: most people do not buy the first time. Many of them will never buy, no matter how fabulous or useful you think your product is. So, it is useless, even bad, to send mails asking, “Why haven’t you bought my product?” or “Don’t you want to get rich?” Such mails put you in a bad light. They may even ruin your prospects. Patience is the key to successful build up of clientele.

Mistake #4: Posting Multiple Offers In One Mail

Are you teaching your prospects multi-tasking? When they have asked for information about your products, it is required that you send them ONLY the required information. Clubbing  robottogel multiple facts together may confuse your client and he or she may drop the idea of associating with you altogether.

Mistake #5: Grabbing Several Affiliate Marketing Programs Simultaneously

Can you date 5 women at a time?! NO! (We will not argue with those who attempt to say “Yes”; but this is marketing guys, not dating!) The best way to become successful is to concentrate on one affiliate program at a time. Get loads of experience, dexterity, and money from one program and then only think of expanding your venture. If you have already committed any one or more of the above mistakes, do not panic. Correct it quickly or else remember, you will be out of the web scene soon.

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