Meat market 2021

A meat market is, customarily, a commercial center where meat is sold, regularly by a butcher. It is a particular wet market. The term is now and then used to allude to a meat retail location or butcher’s shop, specifically in North America. During the mid and late nineteenth century logical investigation into the study of disease transmission, disinfection and metropolitan arranging in Western nations prompted the foundation of meat advertises with the goal that the butchering and offer of meat could be effortlessly checked and the danger of sickness episodes could be limited.

A butcher works in the planning and offer of meat. Butchers here and there work particular shops selling meat, known as butcher’s shops, meat stores, meat markets or butcheries. Meat may likewise be sold in stores, supermarkets, and fish markets, and these shops may utilize a butcher  meat-shop

A slaughterhouse or abattoir is an office that has practical experience in executing creatures for meat. A meat shaper gets ready basic cuts of meat into more modest bits for retail deal.

London discount meat markets:

Leadenhall Market

Smithfield Market (started as an animals market, however turned into a meat, poultry and fish market)


Metropolitan Meat Market

Sovereign Victoria Market

Square Juan Ponce de León meat market, Puerto Rico

The Shambles (Medieval meat markets in York, Stroud and Shepton Mallet)


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