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Hazem Sannib (Arabic: حازم صنيب‎; conceived September 16, 1976; Kuwait) is a Syrian painter and photographic artist of Lebanese drop. He is the innovative chief and originator of Sannib Arts and The Kavli Advertising Ltd in Kuwait. Sannib is known for making the Dreamalism development, another craftsmanship idea and contemporary artistic creations utilizing oil and acrylic tones.

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Life and work

Sannib is a Syrian contemporary craftsman of Lebanese drop who is presently living in London. Sannib began painting at 10 years old with no earlier exercise nor strategy. From 1997 to 1998, he took his first allegorical and dynamic artistic creation exercises with Syrian painter Fared Jorgeuos. Sannib partook in his first craftsmanship show in 1994 in Kuwait and later with the Syrian Artist Group Exhibition in Homs, Syria in 1998.[1] From 2001 to 2002, Sannib lived in London, U.K. where he took extra artwork exercises and improved his method and style. In 2006, he tried different things with conceptual topics and acrylic painting under the direction of Mard Issa, a Norwegian traditional painter and creator who roused him.[2] Sannib’s work center around advanced workmanship, Islamic and Western craftsmanship and around helpful and contemporary themes.[3][4] The idea of “Dreamalism” is his particular style and a development he began in 2014. As per him, Dreamalism is for the protection of the desires and dreams of individuals aching for freedom, flourishing, opportunity of articulation and speech.[5] He is known for his canvases of God’s names, the entryway of Kaaba and the brilliant Mecca. His latest creation is an advanced Islamic craftsmanship that joins visual communication and artistic work.

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