How To Convert PDF To Word On Mac

Although, a PDF file is a great tool for sharing information and preventing text from being edited, sometimes you need to edit the information in the PDF file. In such a scenario you only need to convert the PDF file to Word. The good side is that there are a number of ways in which you can do this:

Using an Automator

The Automator is located in your Mac’s applications folder and you should use it to create a Workflow that will help you in extracting text from a PDF file and save it as text or RFT document.

The first thing you should do is to open the Automator and on the first screen that appears, choose the option of making a Workflow. You should then click on the files and folders in the column on the left side. You should then drag the “Ask for finder items” from the second column and place it to the larger section at the right side of the Automator window.

After doing this you should click on the PDFs located on the leftmost column and then drag the “Extract PDF Text” and place it below the first item that you had dragged to the right.

When you do this you will see a box that asks you whether you want to save the extracted text as rich or plain text. To retain the original formatting, you should go with the second option.

To give the Workflow a name you should press command-S. You should then click save, launch the application, and open the file that appears in a Word document. Although, the Word document will be a little bit messy, you will be able to edit and copy the information in it.

Free online service

Here you need to open the “PDF to Word converter online” in your web browser and click the “Browse” button, and then select the PDF that you want to convert. You should then click the “convert the Download” button in order to send the PDF to the server and convert it. You should wait for a few seconds and the download button will be displayed.

You should click the “download” button and save the Word document. You should note that this service tends to change the name of the file; therefore, you need to rename the file after saving.

Using a dedicated program

Many designers have come up with programs that help you in converting the files. To find a great program you only need to do an online research. For ideal results, you should visit review sites and see what different people have to say.

You should note that some of the programs are free while others are paid. While the free programs will convert your files, they often create Word documents with odd breaks or no breaks at all. In some cases, the styles in the original file are lost. Due to these hiccups, it’s wise to go for a professional paid program.

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