How Testimonials Can Be Your Best Marketing Tools

Any physical therapist will agree that the best marketing tool for a physical therapy clinic is referrals. For referrals you need your clients to trust you and be happy with your services. They need to have a personal rapport with you to want to refer you.

This is why you need to build this marketing tool into your marketing strategy for marketing your physical therapy clinic. Requesting referrals is something you should be doing as a matter of daily business operations.

Just asking your patients for referrals will get you only that many referrals. Use your imagination and find more creative ways of getting referrals. latierrademisamores Call up your potential patients and ask them for referrals even if they are not willing to commit buying your services just yet. Attend doctors’ conferences and seek referrals by exchanging business cards. Tap into your network of associates and ask for referrals.

Set a clear goal for you to achieve such as increasing your referrals business at your physical therapy clinic by 7% in the next 8 weeks.

Provide extra service and support to your patients before asking for a referral. They will be more willing to refer you in order to return the favor.

Design a rewards program for referrals. Use a separate set of incentives for patients who provide referrals and a separate set for doctors who refer you.

Set up a customer satisfaction survey and find out if you are meeting your patients’ expectations. Additionally, find out if your referring doctors are happy with the kind of service their referrals are getting. Send out letters to referring doctors within a week of their referral’s visit so that they know that the person they referred, is being looked after by you.

Ensure that you have a system for clearly tracking those patients who have been referred by doctors. Just being prepared to receive referrals is not enough. You need to keep in touch with the referrers on a regular basis so that the referrals keep flowing. You can implement this by creating a special newsletter for referring doctors to let them know of new services or some new technique.

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Last but not the least; do not forget to thank all those who refer you.

After 13 years on the Internet, I read constantly where “search engine placement” is the key to success and I am here to tell you this is baloney. Yes, it is a necessary ingredient but not something you should hyper-ventilate over.

So what is the best and most time-efficient marketing method?

Writing Articles

Yes, I know you’ve read or heard this thousand of times before but guess what folks – it works! Articles live forever on the Internet. I still have people visiting my site from articles I wrote 12 years ago.

Now if you’re saying to yourself “I can’t write” – I say “yeah right, then you woke up” because I’ll bet you email someone every day. And, basically that’s all an ezine article is – you writing to a friend on a subject you know.

To get your articles accepted by most ezine publishers, there are a few guidelines you should use:


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