Vastu for Offices – How to Create A Positive Workplace by Manipulating Directions

The profound principles of vastu are applicable to every workspace. There is nothing superstitious about vastu. Rather, this science of construction and interiors is one of the most scientific ways of ensuring good health, high productivity and a happier ambiance in the work space. vastuconsultant Simple techniques adopted in office arrangement can bring a perceivable change in the atmosphere. Remember, vastu shastra, contrary to common perceptions, does not always require demolition.

The entrance

For offices, a large entrance is very desirable. This is one aspect that you should ensure because a large entrance not only aids energy movement, but also lends an impression of spaciousness, which has a positive influence on employees and visitors alike. Placing a water fountain or an aquarium in the northeast corner of entrance lobby is also a good idea because water is associated with soothing and calmness. Avoid placing fire elements in the entrance. Ensure that the area is well illuminated. If you have a religious inclination, you can place images of spiritual deities in the entrance lobby. If you do not want this, a vastu consultant can suggest strategic placement of vastu pyramids and other powerful objects. Preferably, entrance should be located facing east or north. Also, the entrance should not face a T-fork.

The main workspace

In most of the offices, the main working area is divided into several departments such as marketing, development, accounts and others. In addition, specific niches are required for executive cabins, stationary block which can house Xerox machines, papers and stationary, refreshments centers such as canteen. Several offices these days have a gym or fitness center as well. Vastu shastra provides specific guidelines for location of these departments so as to reap maximum gains.

Vastu gives a lot of importance the center point of the main working area. A circular, rectangular or square shaped portion in the center should be left free. Cabins, furniture and other fixtures should not be placed in this area. In addition to following vastu principles for prosperity, this guideline aids comfortable circulation.

Arrange employee cabins such that they face north or east when employees work. Executive should work facing the northwest and their cabin should be located in the south or southwestern corner. In addition to these, a vastu consultant can tell help you out with the placement of all office departments in accordance with the principles of vastu.

Colors as per vastu

According to vastu, colors such as yellow, blue, green and shades of orange are good for offices. Red is avoided in the working area because it is a very aggressive color and might lead to employee conflicts. Yellow is a good color for the working area because it stimulates the mind and leads to better ideas and productivity. Blue and green are good for lobbies, entrance halls and common places. For the refreshment zone, orange is a good color because it increases appetite. Red is good for the fitness center of the office.

Manipulating arrangement of colors, cabins, furniture and placing effective objects in certain niches can neutralize negative energies generated due to wrong directional aspects and infuse positivity in the office.

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