Biquíni Cavadão 2021

Biquini Cavadão is the name of a little cut-a-way two-piece notable in Brazilian sea shores during the eighties. It is additionally the name of quite possibly the most renowned groups in Brazil over the most recent thirty years, with more than 1,000,000 duplicates of their collections sold, with in excess of 2,000 shows from one side of the country to the other, just as abroad. Bruno Gouveia (vocals), Miguel Flores da Cunha (consoles), Alvaro Birita (drums) and Sheik (bass), following one year introducing gigs in secondary school parties, generally covers from arising Brazilian groups, chosen to make their own music. With an extraordinary assistance from Carlos Beni (Kid Abelha’s previous drummer) and Herbert Vianna (Paralamas do Sucesso), who really named the band, their first tune actually air played – “Tédio” – turned into a moment hit. Endorsed by Polygram and with the consideration of guitar player Carlos Coelho, they delivered their introduction single at that very year and in 1986, they delivered their first collection, Cidades em Torrente. They delivered two additional collections in the eighties (An Era da Incerteza and Zé) with minor hits than its archetype.

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Things changed drastically in start of the nineties with their fourth collection. With Descivilização, they hit the graphs with three melodies: Zé Ninguém, Vento Ventania and Impossível. As an outcome, they opened the night for Alice in Chains and Red Hot Chili Peppers in Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo and Apoteose Square, Rio de Janeiro, for the Hollywood Rock occasion for in excess of 60 thousand individuals, in 1993. They delivered two additional collections (Agora and during the decade, consistently with extraordinary hits (Chove Chuva, a Jorge Ben cover, and Janaína) and minor singles (Sabor do Sol and Ilusão). A RockBook recounting the tale of the band and including 20 hits for guitar playing was delivered in October 1996 to commend their first decade. Pioneer business visionaries, they were the primary Brazilian band to have an email to keep direct contact with their fans, and the main Brazilian gathering to have an authority site. Their two “biggest hits” collections O Melhor do Biquini Cavadão and Millenium accomplished platinum and gold imprints in Brazil. The collection was the principal ever in Brazil to append a sight and sound delicate unit to get to the Internet, supported by UNISYS. In 2000, they delivered Escuta Aqui acclaimed by the pundits as probably the best collection of the band, headed by the title track. Continuously one stage ahead,[citation needed] the collection was the first to have the account meetings broadcast through Internet utilizing a webcam and furthermore with a chronicle’s journal (or what we[who?] call today “blog”). Another association, this time with Apple Computer Brazil, supported the media unit, including recordings and a total information base of their shows since 1985. Following 15 years together they confronted their first emergency and the gathering was diminished to a group of four, with Bruno, Miguel, Alvaro and Coelho.

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