Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits

Pay per Click advertising (PPC advertising) should play an important part of any commercial website’s Internet Marketing plan. Especially new websites must have a closer look at PPC advertising as part of the search engine optimization efforts.

The pay per click advertising benefits do not online include the possibility of visitors becoming a paying client but also the statistics of the PPC advertising campaign will proof the be very valuable to you.

Analyzing PPC Results

When using PPC advertising as a part of your online marketing efforts, you will also be able to use the results and data of your pay per click advertising campaign in your overall search engine optimization plans. The key is analyzing your PPC results.

Through looking at the number of impressions that each of the keywords or keyword phrases that you are bidding for in your pay per click advertising campaign with AdWords or Overture, you will get a clear and easy overview of what search engine users are in fact searching for.

This is why you can obtain very valuable information related to your market after analyzing PPC results.

Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Obviously the success of your search engine optimization efforts is critical for your website as the success or failure is directly linked to your SEO efforts.

Just to illustrate the importance of analyzing your PPC results, I would like to give you the following sobitech example of how analyzing PPC results can benefit a website with their overall search engine optimization efforts.

Focus on the right keywords An important aspect of search engine optimization is to focus on the right keywords for your website. If you spend your time on your search engine optimization efforts on useless keywords then this would lead to a disaster.

Analyzing PPC results

Analyzing PPC results in the following example has saved themselves from being in the positioning that they had search engine optimized their web pages for useless keywords.

An online travel website is offering hotel reservations for Dubai. The website owner or webmaster has been focusing his SEO efforts on those pages that are related to the beach resorts that are located in the beach area of Dubai.

The travel website had been optimizing these pages for the keywords: “Dubai Beach”. Results from his efforts in optimizing his pages for the SERPS might have been somewhat disappointing.

The website had also been using the Google AdWords program to advertise their online travel website through the use of a pay per click advertising campaign.

In a PPC advertising program you do normally not bid on only one keyword as you try to get as many targeted potential clients to visit you.



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