Article Marketing – How To Use It Effectively?

Article marketing has been becoming one of the most important parts of any online business campaign.justmyfitness It is a great way to make you appear as an authority in the eyes of visitors. You can certainly convey more information to your potential buyers comparing to the other traditional sales ads. However, in order to get maximum benefits from article marketing, there are a few things that you must keep in mind while writing and publishing your articles online.

Few of them are as follows:
– Interesting and catchy article title.
– To the point content (no Blah Blah)
– Bulleted listings
– Informative summary
– Links to references
– Keyword density of 2-8%
– Give something new and informative
– Never give false information

Title is no doubt the most important part of any web article. Writing a nice article title that attracts the visitors can do wonders to your website traffic. Make sure that you don’t write anything negative in the title; positive titles will result in a good image for your business.

Always give to the point and accurate information to the visitors and give them exactly what you wrote in your title and summary. Conveying the main idea of the article has proven to convert more visitors into customers. Furthermore, never downgrade or criticize your competition.

Bulleted lists can make the reader’s life easier. Most of the people these days are busy and don’t have enough time to read a long article, so giving a bulleted list will make sure they get everything summarized there, and they can decide about buying your product or services.

Furthermore, clear and to the point summary can increase your conversion rate to a much greater extent. This will make sure that the reader knows that the information they require is in the article, and it will increase their interest while reading.

Combining social networking along with the article marketing can do wonders to your business and increase your online exposure to a greater extent. E.g. posting the article link on you twitter or Facebook can increase your customer base and let everyone know about the product or service along with the free information you have written in the article.

I think everyone knows the importance of adding keywords inside the article. Adding your main keyword in the article title and article body can increase your organic traffic to the greater extent as your article will start appearing on search results for relevant keywords.



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