Retaliation, Race and Sex Discrimination Top EEOC Charges Data in FY 2012

For Fiscal Year 2012, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC received record- 99,412 charges of employment discrimination and obtained $365.4 million in relief through its administrative program and litigation. The year-end data also show that retaliation 37,836, race 33,512 and sex discrimination 30,356, which includes allegations of sexual harassment and pregnancy were, respectively, the most frequently filed charges. The fiscal year runs Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.

A breakdown of the agency charge statistics of employment discrimination show that of the 99,947 charges, race discrimination in employment top the list with 33,512 or 33.7 percent, followed by sex 30,356 or 30.5 percent, disability 26,379 or 26.5 percent, Age 22,857 or 23.0 percent, National Origin 10,883 or 10.9 percent, Religion 3,811 or 3.8 percent, Color 2,662 or 2.7 percent, Equal Pay Act 1,082 or 1.1 percent and GINA 280 or 0.3 percent.

The data also show retaliation charges under all the statutes the EEOC enforces at 37,836 or 38.1 percent, while retaliation charges under Title VII is 31,208 or 31.4 percent.

Reacting to the report, EEOC Chair Jacqueline Berrien said, “These remarkable achievements are a credit to the commitment of the EEOC’s staff and the product of strategic and efficient investment of critical budget resources in recent years. We look forward to building on these accomplishments and further advancing the agency’s mission as we implement our new Strategic Enforcement Plan in the coming year”.

A further breakdown of the EEOC Data FY 2012 shows

1. The EEOC achieved a second consecutive year of a significant reduction in the charge inventory, something not seen since fiscal year 2002. Due to a concerted effort, the EEOC reduced the pending inventory of private sector charges by 10 percent from fiscal year 2011, bringing the inventory level to 70,312. This inventory reduction is the second consecutive decrease of almost ten percent in charge inventory.


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