How a Health Insurance No Waiting Period Works

Generally when you get health insurance plan or if you plan on increasing your coverage or add somebody else to your existing medical insurance plan you will have to go through a minimum waiting period that has been decided by the government. In this period they want to make sure that you are not going to bail out with a big claim shortly after joining. The amount of period will vary with different companies but usually it will be around twelve months for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy situations, two to three months for psychiatric conditions, and around two months for every thing else.

Of course these are 期間工 approximate numbers and will vary but generally this is how most insurance companies will work. But in the case of insurance no waiting the situation is different. You can get a discount card that will help pay for the visit to the doctor. This is also called medical discount plans and it will also work with visits to the dentist. The advantage of this type of plan is that you can see a doctor within three or four days after joining. With this plan you will not have to pay hundred percent of the doctor’s fee.

The way how this type of insurance no waiting period works is that you get the discount card and when you visit the doctor you will only pay around 50- 60 percent of the doctors fee. That would mean that with a this Insurance No Waiting Period you would only pay around six to seven hundred on a visit that costs 1200. Another source of the Insurance No Waiting Period is the one you may get it through your employer. But this plan may not work for everybody and again it depends on the insurance provider the company is using. A good place to start at work is by checking with the human resources department and see if they will be of any help.

But the interesting thing about insurance is that some hospitals or doctors are willing to get creative and look at other options if you are having financial difficulty or looking into insurance with no waiting period. Some examples would be if you offer to pay cash some doctors will be willing to give a discount for your visits. Another option is to see if they will work out a payment plan situation where you would pay an amount weekly or monthly for your visits. You may be surprised to see them agreeing to something like that.

One group of people that go through dilemma when thinking about purchasing Health Insurances No Waiting Period is pregnant women. Generally the government does not categorize pregnancy as a pre existing condition, but there may be many loopholes in the contract which may deny you health coverage for pre and post natal care. If you do not have the time or patience to look into Insurance No Waiting Period then looking into public option or government assist options may be the right thing for you. But this type of insurance may also depend on waiting so it may not always be a good option. All in all the consensus seems to be of you cannot wait for health insurance then the before mentioned medical discount may be the best immediate option.

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