Corner Bathtub

Choosing to install a corner bathtub is an excellent way to update any bathroom. These tend to be favored as it is attractive while maximizing room space at the same time. People think about many styles before settling on the perfect corner tub.

The claw-foot, slipper back tub is a style many people prefer; however, cost can play a part in the decision process. Unlike a claw foot tubs, a corner tubs do not take as much space, costs less, and is unique in design.

Like all products, there are both benefits and drawbacks associated with a corner tub. One benefit is the material the tub is made of. Acrylic is frequently used in the formation of these tubs. Acrylic is lightweight and inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget.

These type of tubs are available in a range of colors suitable for any bathroom. Acrylic bathtubs are different than traditional porcelain tubs in that the color is not applied with paint but rather baked into the tub itself. The baked-in color is highly desirable as it will not chip.

There are not many disadvantages associated with tubs placed at the corner. Acrylic, the material the tub is made of, is prone to breaking. Repairing acrylic tubs is not always an easy process. More often than not the entire tub will need to be replaced when a crack or other break occurs.

Houses that do not have large bathrooms can benefit from a corner bathtubs. Care does need to be used when near the tub. Accidents can happen, especially when children are at play. Overall, the corner bathtub is recommended for people on a budget or those who wish to change the look of a bathroom.

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