Slate Floor Fountains – The Best That You Can Find In The Market

Slate floor fountains are very flexible and distinctive that is why they are suitable for almost any type of decor. Slate is one of the most popular materials that are used for constructing the floor fountains. This material is very durable as well as stylish. The positive vibrations that you get from this water accessory would surely help in revitalizing your body and soul. One great advantage of the slate option is that they can be molded into natural designs as well as sophisticated sculptures. The sight of water flowing on the smooth surface of the fountain ichiteck would surely help you in creating a beautiful ambiance in your home as well as in the office.

If you are looking for amazing designs of slate floor fountains then you must surely consult this article.

1. Window Slate Floor Fountain
This fountain has an amazing structure and design that would just mesmerize your senses. The slate water cascade is usually installed near the window frame. The water accessory has a rocky floor and a smooth surface that allow the water to flow in a very smooth manner. Vibrant lights are installed the lower surface of the feature. They really help in highlighting the flow of water.

2. Slate Stone Floor Fountain
A combination of slate and stone fountain is another excellent option that you can consider for your home. This water feature is very impressive and you can select the size and shape according to your preferences. You just have to install the feature in the corner of the room and it would work wonders for you. This water cascade would surely help in making your home peaceful and tranquil. If you want to avail discounts on this accessory then you must surely contact a good dealer.

3. Crestwell Slate Floor Fountain
The Crestwell feature is known all around the world for its molded feature and awe inspiring textures. This is item is most suitable for your office and restaurant. The water feature comes with lights installed at the top as well as the bottom. This arrangement makes the fountain glow even during the night time. You can also arrange various parties and events in the room where you have installed this water cascade.

4. Bedrock Slate Floor Fountain
This water feature has a very bold presence and appealing features. It is very different from the other slate floor fountains that you will find in the market that is why many people consider purchasing it. It is a natural appearance that helps in creating peaceful vibrations all around you. You will also get this option in different colors that you can select according to your requirements.

5. Gardenfall Slate Teck and Dark Copper
These water cascades come with an ornamental finish that is why they are surely a great addition for your home. It has a traditional, elegant and unique look that is very charming and sophisticated.



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