The Crisis Within: The Reshaping Of America

We have witnessed the reshaping of history this past month. It is the reshaping of history that always starts out with a vengeance. And, so it was. The ever encroaching Father Time who waits for no man, who day after day, night after night has relentlessly and unapologetically turned the pages of the history of man. The struggle for decency has resurfaced in this the 21st century. For far too long the United States has relinquished it’s role as the beacon of hope and opportunity. The dark clouds of the past four years has only exasperated the growing struggles for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We have to realize that where there is domowyogrod economic justice there is also equal opportunity. And, where there is financial and economic balance in society there is less corruption and crime. For the past 40 years the United States has failed in creating both economic justice and economic balance within. But, what transpired on January 6th of this new year earmarks the potential for the reshaping of America’s endeavors to create “a more perfect union.”

What came to light on that fateful day in Washington was the fact that for over four years an Administration created the environment that embodied chaos, division, unequal opportunity and financial inequality in our society. And, when such conditions exist always gives way to extremists to capitalize using insurrection as means to continue to divide a nation. The reshaping of America’s future has to be recognized if we as a nation want to eradicate the scourge of injustice and inequality that exists today. Failure is not an option.

The great push back to a just society begins with that realization. The common good is still being weighed by a political structure composed by those who possess elements of a combative nature. We are seeing this today in Congress. What the Trump Administration has done even before this Pandemic ignited a torrent of aggressive rhetoric symbolizing his true nature to create an antagonistic approach toward everything he says. In that way for four yeas the divisions within our society has only grown. While the rest of the world watches the events that have played out for the past four years has only reduced the United States ability to foster peace and accord to the global community.

The reshaping of America’s future has to begin now. And, January 6th painted the ugly picture of what is in store if we as a nation fail to grasp the urgency to act. Members of Congress now must come to together in a unified effort to put an agenda that addresses the fundamental reforms that will create economic justice, equal opportunity and bring financial balance back to our society. Fortunately, there is already a plan of direction that outlines how to do just that. The unfortunate part is that the combative nature of many already in Congress fail to realize the importance of creating reforms for the common good of all Americans.

The Biden Administration must undertake the arduous task of educating the American public on the merits of implementing National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles Of Confederation to bring about the necessary reforms and policies that will bridge the gaps within. A definitive plan of direction that outlines how to create that “more perfect union.” The United States has not had a plan of direction, a unified national agenda that brings a sense of unity of purpose for this nation since 1960.

It is through education that the reshaping of our own history for the betterment of all begins. We always have to remember the success of a democratic society depends on a well educated and participating public. When our elected officials put their own interests aside and work for the greater good of this nation amazing results will occur. By educating the public in outlining how these reforms will bring about that unity of purpose they will at the same time create economic justice and financial balance for all. The time is now to act.


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