Compare an Espresso Machine and Find the Right One

Just as there are so many different kinds of espresso flavors and drinks to compare on the market today, there are just as many different ways to make a perfect shot of espresso. The main difference, however, in making an espresso coffee beverage lies in the type and quality of the machine that you use to make it. There are many different types of espresso machines to compare on the market today and buying the right one is a crucial step to making the best espresso beverage for yourself, and for your guests. It may be partly due to the current sate of our economy, but it seems more and more people are opting to make their espresso at home. Others just want to enjoy a cup in the comfort of their own home, in their robe and quietly read the daily paper or get a little burst of energy to start their day.

There are more than five different types of machines for you to compare and the taste of the espresso differs slightly when made from each one, even though the process of making the the shot is pretty much the same. The most popular type of espresso machine that is used today in American coffee shops and breakfast restaurants, though, is the classic pump-driven machine that is made from the piston espresso machine. This type of machine is especially interesting to me because it basically streamlines the whole espresso-making process and makes the process of getting a quality shot very simple! In fact, many of these types of espresso machines are fully automatic, which means that a single button just has to be pushed in order to get some quality espresso out of it!

On the other hand, some people in other countries routinely use a more traditional stovetop espresso machine. This is a machine that, as the name states, sits on your stove and produces espresso. However, the method of doing so is interesting because these types of machines are truly steam-driven. These are great for using on a camping trip or even during a blackout like the one we experienced a few years back. With this type the hot water is heated in the bottom of the machine, then it is forced up through the middle of the machine where the actual espresso beverage is made!


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